18 nov. 2011

CHINA Petzl Roc Trip

Petzl Roc trip in Mexico last year, Petzl Roc trip in China this year ! Nihau China !  
I had the chance to be part again in this kind of event this year and it was especially and totally amazing !
I stayed there 10 days, in this really lost part of China but paradise of climbing ! On the Agenda : routes, long routes, caving, meetings, parties eventful rice and fun !!  
Share my passion and meet other climbers from the Four corners of the world, in a place and a totally different culture from us, it was just a magical moment !!

About the climbing there, the rock was incredible with some crazy volume, big hole flat. A huge arch, and you can climb there everywhere : on the side with multipitch and inside wit a lot of crazy routes. There is also really a lot of other crag around the place. I think I can't explain well this nice place, you should just have a nice time there and see it with your own eyes !

I was also really surprised with the population really welcoming, smiling. We had also the chance to come at this season when the rice harvest and they did it with very traditional method. I was also really surprised with the food which is really good. Ok you eat rice all day but that make sense when you see all the field !!

Enjoy the picture :

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