25 mai 2012

Wild one the movie

I had the opportunity and the chance last sunday, to take part at one of the first screenings of this beautiful film. It was really interesting too see Philippe in this movie searching himself, his origin, the meaning of his life. It's a film about the handicap of course but not only... it's about research of oneself, sharing. And I think we can be inspired by this film and what it conveys to us. Thank you Philippe !
So if you have the opportunity to see it, don't hesitate !

Innsbruck, almost home sweet home !

What a great week end just past in innsbruck for the 4th World cup ! I think this picture can recap it well ! Great organization, nice boulder, awesome public !

The marktplatz was full of friends and innsbrooklins people for the final and it was a really intense moment ! The show was their for the final ! 

About the girl's problems : a final little bit easier than the others, i think, but more stressfull ! Still hard when you know that you have to flash the problems. I just regret one thing that i didn't understand nothing in the second boulder .... but it's always like that, you have ever something that you can regret. Anyway it was really a lot of fun and i was really happy to take part of this comp !
Here we say VIEL SPASS !!!

After a tough start to the season, I finally managed to express myself.... climb without pain and just be focussed on your climb... what a great thing !!!!!

AHAHAH !!!! Anna take a new kind of shower !! ;)

I'm in Innsbruck now since almost one month and i feel there almost like at home, "home sweet home !" I like the spirit of this town between the mountain, the spirit of the people, try to learn their language, try to speak with them.... hard hard !!!

Enjoy the Udo's Video !!!

17 mai 2012

3 mai 2012

Udo report from slovenia !

1 mai 2012

First World cups !

 Competition Time !!!!!!!!!!!!!

The beginning of the season was pretty hard for me : after a big finger injury two month ago, i try to recover as well as possible ! Competition need a lot of energy and after three consecutive world cup including one in China : i feel so exhausted this few days.

I wasn't feeling very fit for the first three World Cup but the most important thing for me was to climb again without pain. 
After a very bad competition in China, I managed to slip in the final in Slovenia and take along my place for the world championship in September. Unfortunately, all my energy left me in final and i have utterly failed to express myself in the boulders problems offered....
Reached the Viennese syndrome as every year, I finished 10th and dead tired !

I decide to stay in Innsbruck until the next world cup there, to train with the world class climber and of course spend good time with goofd friends there !! :) Zeit für deutsh lernen und sprechen ! Ya SICHER !!!

Trailer world championship PARIS BERCY !

I don't know if you have already seen this trailer about the world championship but you can see it as well now ! At least it was really funny and exhausted to do it : running everywhere in Paris ! Enjoy it !