1 mai 2012

First World cups !

 Competition Time !!!!!!!!!!!!!

The beginning of the season was pretty hard for me : after a big finger injury two month ago, i try to recover as well as possible ! Competition need a lot of energy and after three consecutive world cup including one in China : i feel so exhausted this few days.

I wasn't feeling very fit for the first three World Cup but the most important thing for me was to climb again without pain. 
After a very bad competition in China, I managed to slip in the final in Slovenia and take along my place for the world championship in September. Unfortunately, all my energy left me in final and i have utterly failed to express myself in the boulders problems offered....
Reached the Viennese syndrome as every year, I finished 10th and dead tired !

I decide to stay in Innsbruck until the next world cup there, to train with the world class climber and of course spend good time with goofd friends there !! :) Zeit für deutsh lernen und sprechen ! Ya SICHER !!!

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