25 mai 2012

Innsbruck, almost home sweet home !

What a great week end just past in innsbruck for the 4th World cup ! I think this picture can recap it well ! Great organization, nice boulder, awesome public !

The marktplatz was full of friends and innsbrooklins people for the final and it was a really intense moment ! The show was their for the final ! 

About the girl's problems : a final little bit easier than the others, i think, but more stressfull ! Still hard when you know that you have to flash the problems. I just regret one thing that i didn't understand nothing in the second boulder .... but it's always like that, you have ever something that you can regret. Anyway it was really a lot of fun and i was really happy to take part of this comp !
Here we say VIEL SPASS !!!

After a tough start to the season, I finally managed to express myself.... climb without pain and just be focussed on your climb... what a great thing !!!!!

AHAHAH !!!! Anna take a new kind of shower !! ;)

I'm in Innsbruck now since almost one month and i feel there almost like at home, "home sweet home !" I like the spirit of this town between the mountain, the spirit of the people, try to learn their language, try to speak with them.... hard hard !!!

Enjoy the Udo's Video !!!

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