17 juin 2012

Welcome to South Africa !

I just arrived one week ago in south Africa but it seems like 2/3 days ago.... the time is going really fast here.... After many problems of plane/luggage, we have spent two days in Cape town. In the program : visit, visit, visit and chilling ! The town, table mountain, cape of good hope, eating ostrich and crocodile :  what a wild life ! lol

After this two nice days in Cape town, we moved to Rocklands, 2 hours in the north of cape town.  A lot of people already know the reputation of this place amazing for all the tone of rock there !
Since we arrived here, the time is going soooo fast ! The rock is really nice and it's again a really good pleasure to climb there ! Last time we didn't see all the "famous" sector so we decide to go to the place we missed and climb all we could for the first 4 climbing days. 
I like so much this place, i feel really free, in peace..... I like to be there, walk and hear the nature growing.... it's really quite, without humans noise.... walking between the massive orange rock... 

The last two days, we have been climbing to our project. I went one day in "the vice" and an other day in "amphitheater". Actually, I can say I'm really happy cause i have sent "amphitheater" really quickly and I think i can't find a boulder more in my style. We went sooo far in the wild to find this cool boulder and at least I was really happy to climb it. It's a really pure line ! For the Vice : after one day of remembering the beta, i finally checked all the moves yesterday.... it's going well for the next few days !! Hope to have a good news to write soon!

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