8 août 2012

South Africa

I just received some days ago, really nice picture from a friend I met in South Africa, Scott Noy. That remember me all the nice time I spend there with Jacopo, Scott, Steffen, Enzo, Ricky and other friends...

Skin problem.. Always !!

             Salam Wave                                                                                  The beckoning

The Scorpion, such a nice boulder ! Scariest moment of the trip and actually i realized that when I have seen the face of Jacopo and Scott ! Ahahah ! nice swing !!!

  Olifanthuis !! Was so impressed when I have seen all the food that ricky can eat.... yep you understood the four plates are only for Ricky !! good job!

One of my project of the trip : Tea with Elmary. Crimpy crimpy ! Done !

My biggest project ever : The Vice. So powerful and so close.... Still a project for me, have to come back again !

The Result of one of our walk expedition : "épique pancake" FA oohhh yeeaah !lol Nice arrête in Donkey land ! Thanks Steffen, Ricky and Enzo to find this place !

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