4 nov. 2012

Middle trip, shape is here !!

Halloween in Miguel's place !

Halloween is really a special moment in the US and it was really a funny experience to see the costums show at miguel's place !

After almost one week on rain, the sun came back and the mix good shape/mood with it ! Two days off of climbing let my skin breath again and i felt really good in this two days past ! I managed to onsight "Ultra Perm" on the Bob marley wall ! Such nice sensation and good condition ! It was really a lot of pleasure !

Yesterday was also really intense for me ! So crazy how you can miss something for nothing.... Two case yesterday : first on "Omaha beach"... a little hesitation cost me a lot... really close to a beautiful ascent  on it
second on 50 words for pumps... the worst one.... I couldn't fall higher...a millimeter of the jug, just before where you are absolutely sure you can't fall anymore....damn !  (almost afraid all the crag with my scream....sorry guys....).
In addition, i made a nice hole on my ring finger ! That's the life of climber melissa ! ;)

Just totally dead after this crazy attempt....!

"Transworld depravity" 8b+

After a good rest day, trying to don't think about "50 words", so psyched to try again tomorrow if the rather will permit it !! The rather is stormy tonight.....

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