27 oct. 2012

RRG after one week !

Ok, I definitely love the colors of the Gorges, just a view up about the inspiration that this place give me !
After one week in the Red, we begun to have our habits : the place to park, seeing the early climbers coming while we are drinking our capuccino !

We meet a lot of nice people, we climb and hang out with the "french team", that's actually the life in the Red ! A lot of fun and motivation, for sure !

This week was really hot for climbing, around 30°c and humid... not really the best conditions but I managed to give my best and Jacopo like a real "bread italian machine" crush almost everything he touched ! And me like a groupie, I was screaming from the bottom and while belaying, all the beta or just all the energy that i could give to him !!!

Really happy too, I managed to do my first project of the trip yesterday, "transworld depravity" 8b+ after a scandalous try : a big "zipette" after the crux...!! I found a new project that motivate me a lot, "50 words for pumps" 8c+. A boulder problem at the botttom following by a good resi section ! I have all the moves with high level of heat/humidity so...... let's see what happen !

The link of the update of jacopo : http://jacopo-larcher.com/2012/10/27/red-river-gorge-first-week/

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