3 oct. 2012

fresh air with sport climbing and the Kalymnos climbing festival !!

In fact it was not so easy to write this post and at the end I really took my time... In fact, I didn't want to think again about plastic and competition after the World Championship... I needed holidays !! And after one week in the paradise, I finally jump over my bad feeling and I accept what happened and actually I can say that gave me a lot of energy and motivation for the future. We build on our personnal defeats ! After an end of season full of different emotions (4th in Munich, 2nd in Arco or the hard moment in Paris....), place for rope and sportclimbing !

So after the World Championship, I went to Kalymnos for the North face festival. 

It was my first time on the island and I was really surprised with the tone of amazing rock on this Island ! Rock, Rock, Rock... everywhere !! In fact, to be honest and before going on this island, I was a bit pessimist about the climbing you can find there but when I arrived there, I was just shocked !! And at the end of the trip I was just too sad to leave this paradise....
So, when Masha sent me an email to invite at the North face Kalymnos Festival, I was really motivated to go there. Jacopo went there a couple of times, to find and develop a new area for the festival. Simone and him did an exceptional job to propose new amazing routes. 

In total, they opened around 25 routes, all really beautiful and one espacially incredible, "Jonas" (the picture down). It's funny, but the climbing was really close to some crags from the south of France, really different than the others crags already opened in Kalymnos. For the "PROject Competition", we had in total four routes still in project for the women and four for the men. It was so hot and the sun came around 11am....so... we had to wake up early... around 6am each morning !! But anyway the motivation was really there, so it wasn't so much a problem !
The ambiance was really relax and friendly, the rock even  if it was new, was really good and the routes really nice !!
We climbed there "a muerte" until the blood ! :)

Climbing the morning, chilling the afternoon ! :)

A HUDGE THANKS to masha, simone, jacopo, all the organisators and north face to made it happen !

And a special thanks to Eneko to made me an "ippon" !! ;)

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