19 oct. 2012

Un petit tour dans les Pyrénées

This two weeks past, i went to a local festival, "les 24h du mur" in Oloron Sainte-Marie. Like usual, it was really a lot of fun and a lot of Climbing !!! For all the climbers who like climbing in a good ambiance and all the speciality of the south west of France.... They should test it !!!!
The concept : 24 hours of climbing and only the 5 best route you did to go to the final ! une voie ultime, tirer de botte de paille, du jurançon à gogo, un repas festif à danser sur la table l'hymne régional !!! :)
Espacially a lot of fun spent with Alizée, like always !! :)
Un grand merci aux organisateurs et en particulier à Claudy qui nous a hebérgé avec une grande gentillesse! 

Not so far from Spain, we decided  to go to Rodellar with two friends : Pollo y Gauth to see how look like the sector of la piscineta in Rodellar !

A really good week spent there, climbing "A Muerte" in this 55 meter wall ! Really nice Routes opened by Serge and Dani. At the end a good training for the following plan ! 5 route between 8a and 8a+ on sight and 3 8c/8c+ for Gauth El Grande Duc ! Pollo, master chef au billard !! ;)
Merc à vous deux pour votre soutien et vos tour de passe passe pour me remonter le moral quand il était au plus bas... la vie est pas toujours si facile !! 
Les 2 Ducs rencontrant leur idole, Dani la machina !
such a beautiful area
you can see it !!

I had the chance also to meet Carlos, a photographer who took some picture of me in the different roote I did. Really nice picture thanks !! :) www.cpfotografia.com

Like a Rockstar.... ;) The adventure continue !! Place to the United State of Aaaammmeeericcaaa !! 

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